La Philosophy 

It’s not like rocket science, quantum physics, or something indigestive; it is truly naive and ethical!

Got some time to spare? Then, carry on the reading! 

The theory of la maglietta is sprouted from nature, and for nature. 

You know, we dwell in the trash, the whole planet is contaminated, is only by the human.

Any objection?  

No, right? 

It’s our commitment to safeguard our planet! From this insight, our eyes opened and the journey started.

la maglietta is by itself, obvious, minimal and gentle. Right from the pre-historic era, the vogue in the clothing has been changed(ing), from organic leaves to human-friendly clothing; and we weave only that friendly for human.

We are determined to sustainable garment manufacturing and that is our super-priority, every bit of development -from the cotton field to construction- is being done to ensure the global standard and adhere to environment safety norms.

We monitor every stage in production to meet the intentions in quality, design and above all else the ethical standards, and where we invested our capital and expertise.

And here not concludes our loyalty, we’ve handcrafted a trendy, multipurpose sack to deliver the products, and to use it in future, not to throw once the purpose is done. 

From the designing to delivery to your hands, we remain 100% transparent about what we do, and that is why we’ve commenced this. 

And this is we, the brand la maglietta! 

Thank you for your patience, hope we have a business in near.